Attainment Fund



Through a grant from Living Cities, SkillUp Washington has provided a support services fund available to all students in the College for Working Adults pilot programs.  The Attainment Fund serves as an emergency fund for program coordinators to access when a financial issue stands in the way of a student's persistence or completion.  The Attainment Fund is intended primarily for needs that cannot be met through other conventional resources. 

The Attainment Fund is meant to be:

*Linked to case management
*Integrated into existing system
*Provided through a single point of contact between student and fund
*Consistent in terms of services and support for the student

The Attainment Fund provides at least $60,000 in direct support services. SkillUp leveraged support from the City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development for fund management to ensure more funds can go toward student support.

Seattle Jobs Initiative manages the fund on behalf of SkillUp Washington.


Latest Research

  • Economic Opportunity Center Feasibility Study

    The City of Seattle in cooperation with SkillUp Washington, Impact Capital and SouthEast Effective Development (SEED) examined the feasibility of integrating multicultural service delivery at a single location accessible along the light rail line. This project stemmed from the legislature’s interest in replicating the Opportunity Center for Employment and Education model located on the campus of North Seattle Community College. Examined here is the possibility of creating a similar Center in Southeast Seattle that could help people get an education, get a job, or grow a business, and the findings suggest that such an Economic Opportunity Center is needed in and desired by the community.

    Download the Executive Summary: EOC: Executive Summary

    Download the Full Report:EOC: Final Report


    To request a hardcopy of the Executive Summary or the full report, please email Ashley Plaga at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it