Our Work

Started in 2007, SkillUp Washington is a funding collaborative that brings together public, private and philanthropic funders of adult workforce education and training to support the needs of low-income working adults and increase employer access to a qualified workforce. Our mission is to help establish training and educational pathways so low-skilled adults can earn a credential and move up the career ladder. Specifically, we work with employers to align workforce training with industry needs; invest in targeted and innovative programs that help low-income adults receive postsecondary credentials; and support programs that help workers get trained and advance in their fields.


Latest Research

  • Hospital Frontline Worker Green Training Project

    Great things happen when frontline workers become a more integrated part of hospital care teams and work hand in hand with labor-management to design “green” projects and take a lead in the their implementation. 

    The Seattle-based Frontline Workers Green Training Projects is a SkillUp funded case study surrounding labor/management partners engaging frontline workers to lead hospital environmental sustainability efforts, supporting: people (patients, workers, the community)the planet (the environment); and profits (costs).

    Download the report:  Frontline Workers Green Training Project.pdf

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