Prior Learning Forum

Giving Credit Where Credit Is  Due: Policy Strategies for Turning Life Experience Into College Credit

Prior learning assessments, or PLAs, measure what a student has learned outside of the college classroom, evaluate whether that learning is college level, and then determine the equivalent number of college credits. However, prior learning policy is not uniform across the state community college system. The 3-hour forum explored how other states have addressed this issue and efforts to move toward a more uniform approach.

The lead presenters were Amy Sherman, Associate Vice President for Policy and Strategic Alliances at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and Becky Nickoli, Ivy tech Community College, Indiana (below). State policymakers, former students, community and career college leaders participated in two panel discussions. Thank you for your participation!
















Latest Research

  • Hospital Frontline Worker Green Training Project

    Great things happen when frontline workers become a more integrated part of hospital care teams and work hand in hand with labor-management to design “green” projects and take a lead in the their implementation. 

    The Seattle-based Frontline Workers Green Training Projects is a SkillUp funded case study surrounding labor/management partners engaging frontline workers to lead hospital environmental sustainability efforts, supporting: people (patients, workers, the community)the planet (the environment); and profits (costs).

    Download the report:  Frontline Workers Green Training Project.pdf