New! Skill Link Briefing Papers

Skill Link is sharing our lessons “along the way” in a series of briefing papers. The Community Momentum, Career Engagement and Sustainable Service Systems found below describe promising strategies which Skill Link is piloting. Read more »

New! College Completion Fund Report

Rising costs of college and the complexity and inadequacy of financial aid programs put college out of reach for a majority of lower-income working adults. One solution is to provide low interest loans through CDFI's, and to pair these new loans with financial coaching. Read more »

SkillUp Releases Guide and Tools for Navigators

SkillUp Washington publishes the "Guide and Tools for Navigators", which presents the main principles, tools and practices emerging around the important and influential role that Navigators have on the college and career success of students. Read more »

Boeing Manufacturing Grant Awarded

SkillUp Washington has been awarded a $750,000 grant from Boeing to help low-skilled adults launch careers in manufacturing. Read more »

WATCH! Healthcare Apprenticeship Documentary

SkillUp Washington and the WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries are pleased to release a documentary and short video about the benefits of healthcare apprenticeship! See how MultiCare is using apprenticeship to improve its bottom line and increase employee morale. Read more>

New Opportunities in Green Construction and Utilities

Washington GreenForce aims to change lives by opening opportunities for veterans and women in green construction and utilities. This project will influence the career paths of nearly 250 people. Read more>

New Opportunity for Young Adults

SkillUp is using a generous grant from the Gates Foundation to create opportunities for young adults ages 18-25 to improve their basic skills and enroll in credit-bearing college programs. Read More »

Highlighted Events

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